Valentine’s Day - Watch out for the arrows.

Here's my picks on what to watch, read and travel deals for the Month of Love.

Some people live for Valentine's Day. They mark their calendars with a big red heart for February 14. They adorn their doors and windows with festive red and pink lights. They select the sweetest of cards to send to loved ones near and far. And they bake or buy delicious Valentine's Day treats for family and friends.

How great is that? I have always believed in spreading love.

What's not to love about Valentine's Day? Some people see it as just another way for big corporations to try and convince us to buy things we don't need. Also, not everyone has someone to love on Valentine's Day and not everyone is treated with loving kindness. This can make it difficult for certain folks to appreciate all the lovey-dovey goodness that the Day of Love would seem to represent.

Whether you are a lover or loather of Valentine's Day, it's still nice to think about what it means to be loving to others and how to put love into everything you do. After all, this is a holiday with history that dates to long before Hallmark unofficially claimed it. So, Love Day endures, and the human need to love and be loved lives on despite what anti-establishment folks may say.

Thinking about love, why not? Giving love to others and opening your heart to receive love from other people… this is what makes the world go 'round.

Here’s 3 movie picks to make you feel love (rent one of these to celebrate the love day):

  1. Step back into the 1980’s and rent Dirty Dancing (1987)- yes its romantic, great dancing and good music.

  2. Step back into the 1990’s and re-watch Titanic (1997)- Here, there, wherever you are, it should melt the coldest of hearts.

  3. Step back to the beginning of this decade and snuffle over The Notebook (2004)- Oh it melts my heart just thinking about it. And, reading the book can be romantic as well. Try reading it out loud ...together... in your birthday suits.

Here’s 3 books about love, either to buy and give as a gift or read in fall in love:

1. The Adventures of US- a great Valentine's Day present. ($10.99 and offers 2 day Prime shipping if you haven't bought a present yet!) Flowers and chocolates will die and get eaten, but buy someone a travel log and bucket list, and you will show them you want to travel the world together. So-o-o- romantic.

2. The Time Traveler's Wife by American author Audrey Niffenegger, I loved this book and there’s a hit movie as well available for rent on Amazon Prime.

3. Step way back in time and try, The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough, This 1970’s classic hit is a good read for both men and women. A saga about forbidden love in the western world of Australia. It's also a mini-series available on Apple TV.

Here’s 3 romantic travel spots, to heat things up wherever you are:

  1. If you’re living somewhere where the temperature is frigid, why not go somewhere warm? Find a hot spring, hot tub or spa day and use the sauna. Google it.

  2. Where is the closest turning restaurant (revolving Hyatt perhaps?) near you? Or if nothing is close by, go somewhere with a fabulous view. Views are romantic. If you have nothing near you, my advice is to drive far in the woods to a clearing at the highest point, and find a vehicle with a moon roof and look at the stars. Bring some hot beverages, gloves and hand warmers. Or just find the highest point and read the words to a love song, or a poem, guaranteed to melt your partners heart.

  3. What body of water do you have nearby? Sea, ocean, lake or even a frozen waterfall. Water is romantic. Better yet, plan a really warm toasty desert vacation with a great pool. How about a Groupon special like this $21-30 a night at the "D" resort in Vegas with dates from now until August? Book it as a Valentine’s Day gift and surprise the one you love. Nice resort with a price hard to beat. Check it out here.

Whatever you do for the one you love, make it from the heart.

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