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How to rock social isolation

We will forever remember this time in our lives. Together we will get through this pandemic. Normal life as we have always known it, has, and will now be changed.

So, what can you do during this time? You can focus on family, quality time, giving back, being kind and inspiring others.

What else to do with your time? Well of course, here at Words Travel Film, we recommend books, film and traveling.

How can you travel? Here are a few ways to travel from your couch.

1. Check out episodes of Tales by Light on Netflix. Photographers & filmmakers take you on a journey around the world. Amazing.

2. Follow Rocky Point Local Facebook Page and receive a daily picture, or video from the epic Sea of Cortez in Mexico. A great way for beach lovers to get a beach fix.

3. Watch Ugly Delicious on Netflix. Travel and food around the world, hard to beat.

Books: Capture this moment in time by journaling, sketching or coloring about it.

1. Color Me Happy: Drink Wine & Color : Something Fun to do While In Quarantine: is a Wine Coloring book for Adults and Stress Reliever. Cheer someone up and send this to them while in social isolation.

2. Write down all the new and funky recipes you are creating at this time. My Pandemic Recipes Inspired Cuisine & Meals I Created During the Quarantine: Create your own recipe book, record your memories of the new meals and jot down your memories.

3. Pandemic Journal 2020: Memories & thoughts about this time and notes to share with the future--: While in social isolation, self quarantine, jot down thoughts and memories of this time in our history. Reduce anxiety by journaling.

Film? Watch a few of the best feel good movies.

1. Second Hand Lions is hands down a great feel good movie. If you have never seen it. I highly recommend for the Easter weekend. Great for the whole family. On Starz or for rent on Amazon.

2. The Rookie- classic feel good sports movie for the whole family.

3. August Rush- An all time favorite movie of Words Travel Film. Seriously, if you have never seen this and you like music, magic and love, you my friend are in for a treat. A modern day fairy tale with an awesome soundtrack.

And, a suggestion, try a new song while you are washing your hands for 20 seconds. "I Can't Get No Satisfaction by the Stones, works out perfectly for hand washing.

Stay safe, be kind, stay strong and wash your hands!

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