Bingeworthy Summer Streaming, Hot Summer Book Read & Hot Travel Deal.

The Long Hot Summer

Looking for a bingeworthy show to stream and stay out of the heat? My pick is this Netflix series: The Imposters…if you ever liked films about the con, you will enjoy this cast of characters on this BRAVO Series. 20 episodes, two seasons. Loved it.

If you are looking for a full-length film on the same subject of con people, check out the classic grift film, you guessed it, The Grifters starring John Cusak, Annette Bening, and Angelica Houston. Directed by Stephen Frears and produced by Scorsese. This 29-year old film is worth a ride back to 1990. Find it on Amazon Prime.

My hot summer book pick for the summer is a great activity book for kids. Baby Sharks Are Real. Inspire a young mind and spark creativity to write their first story or book. Let their imagination run wild, creating a story about a baby shark and a treasure chest. Available in full color pages, beautifully hand drawn illustrations in hardback, paperback and Kindle. Amazon. Buy this for a young creative mind and by the end of the book, they will accomplish writing their first book. Put it away for a gift when they get older. Great for ages 6-10.

on Amazon

Hot travel deal for this month:

In the spirit of Christmas in July why not plan a trip to a Christmas village at a fraction of a price. One of Travel Zoo’s Top 20 ( you must book this week): For just $499 per person, experience European charm without the long-haul flight to Europe. For less than $500 you will experience airfare from Boston, 3 nights at the 4-star Hilton Quebec, an evening orientation to the German Christmas market, breakfast each day and a chance to explore a Unesco Site Walled city of Quebec. Check the rate from your departure city.

Incredible HOT Deal.

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