Happy 100th Birthday Grand Canyon!

What the Grand Canyon is only 100???

Hardly. The Grand Canyon is billions of years old, and as one of the seven natural wonders of the world, an item worthy for a bucket list. However, this year is a very special year for the Grand Canyon National Park, because the park hits a milestone and turns 100 years old.

Happy 100th Birthday Grand Canyon National Park, you’re sure looking good.

Thank God we preserved this wilderness and made it a park no one can buy and sell. There might be other canyons around the world, there may be deeper canyons that exist, but this is the GRAND Canyon.

Have you been there? Have you experienced the force that envelops your chest when you dare to stand as close to the edge of this powerful and majestic canyon, as your beating heart allows? If not it might be time to plan a trip of a lifetime and see this wonder.

But seeing isn’t the only thing to accomplish when visiting this fantastic landscape. The Grand Canyon isn’t just about the sheering rock drops of over a mile, and the spectacular sunsets. Step below the rim, get inside the Grand Canyon and experience a desert, forest and a natural museum of over a million acres of wilderness. A special place that has been featured in books, films and the arts. This is native land that has been watched over by ancient people.

According to the National Park Service (NPS),“The Grand Canyon region has been home to humans for more than 13,000 years. The Ancestral Puebloan people have lived in and around the canyon for several thousand years, leaving behind dwellings, garden sites, food storage areas, and artifacts.” Today eleven modern tribes still watch over and consider the Grand Canyon their home.

And yet, NPS states that only 5% of visitors drop down below the rim. Really? Why go the whole way there and not even get a peek of what lives inside.

Don’t just peer down. Get in.

Listen to echo’s off the canyon walls, photograph landscapes full of unique plants of desert environment, and touch the Colorado river. The diversity of plants, species and beauty is infinite.

Almost 94% of the Grand Canyon Park is wilderness. Plan a hike to understand natural quiet, breathe in the best air and look inside your soul.

How? Here to help you, and in honor of the Centennial of the Grand Canyon, is an exciting new book release,

The Grand Canyon Hiking Journal and Guide-What goes down must come up: Explore the Great GC.

by Lisa Jewel and Books With Soul®.

It’s time to add a hike in the Grand Canyon to your bucket list. If you don’t have a bucket list, start one. Buy this book for a friend, partner, sibling or spouse, and plan a trip in 2019/2020 to the Grand Canyon. It’s a great way to invite them to take the leap with you and say, let’s do this.

This is a must for anyone who dares the adventure of hiking the Grand Canyon. This book includes, tips and advice from where to stay, to a list of Grand Canyon hikes. It includes maps, lodging information plus fun facts about the Grand Canyon. Best of all, the back of this book has journal pages to record your reflections from the trail and write your memories with inspirational travel quotes and prompts. This book will capture your words straight from the Grand Canyon. Priceless.

So go ahead, plan a trip and walk inside and wish her Happy birthday…

Available in both hardcover and paperback on Amazon, Barnes & Noble,

Hardback: $25.95

Paperback: $14.95

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