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Start the New Year with some great binge watching.

Let the new decade roar in with a few Netflix shows that are worth watching.


1. The Messiah- An original thought-provoking international series not to be missed. Superb acting.

2. 6 Underground- Ryan Reynolds delivers in this adult nonstop action adrenaline show.

3. Virgin River- For those who love starting over, second chances, beautiful scenery and tales of love.

4. Unbelievable- Based on a true story, that is seriously unbelievable. Hard to watch but this story needs to be told. Great acting.

5. Hitch- yes, this is an oldie but goodie. Caught a New Year cold, and enjoyed re-watching this solid romantic comedy.

My book picks -

1. Inside out- The Demi Moore Memoir. Interesting insight into her past and present.

2. Photographing the Dead- a short story by Dean Koontz free on Kindle unlimited.

3. Cruise- Cruise Journal- Buy this for the friend or family member wanting to take a cruise this year. A place to record cruise ports of call, favorite places, memories, and adventures.

Travel picks?

1. If you are in need of airfare for upcoming travel, January is the time to get in on some airline deals. Airfare rates are currently at a low point so take time to do some planning and buy now.

2. The Canadian Rockies- If you are looking for an outdoor adventure trip, here's one in October. 4 nights includes hotel, breakfast and guided tours of some iconic spots in the Canadian Rockies including Lake Louise, a spot on my bucket list. $499 ( a savings of $350) check it out here: Canadian Rockies Outdoor Adventure Trip

3. In the mood for a cruise from Florida?

Costco Travel has some hot deals, 3 nights for $349 a person (and Costco gives you money back on a Costco shop card). If you never cruised -- this might be the perfect way to test it out at a bargain price.

Happy January- Need a Positivity Weekly Planner for the New Year? Check this one out.


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