Run Away With me – 3 Runaway Movies, Vacations & Books

Run Away With me – 3 Runaway Movies, Vacations & Books

Sometimes I just want to run away.

Run to the beach, the mountains, the city or the country.

It’s nice to be spontaneous.

I COULD RUN AWAY RIGHT NOW, but I’m squeaking in my monthly blog post, as it is March 29th, almost April...WHOA, can we slow down, PLEASE? Because if time keeps flying by so fast, I won’t have any time to run away.

3 Run-Away Movies-

All films are inspired by books BASED ON true-life adventures.

The Way (2010) -I love, love, love this film if you haven’t checked out Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez ON a traveling pilgrimage on the El Camino De Santiago, you’re missing out on a wonderful life-changing adventure. On Prime video for $1.99.

WILD- (2014) starring Reese Witherspoon, based on a book by the same title written by a woman who took a 1000-mile hike working through life’s issues. $3.99 on Prime Video or free on STARZ.

Into the Wild- (2007) Cinematography is incredible in this film about Christopher McCandless who graduated from college, donates his entire savings, and hitchhikes to Alaska to experience the wilderness. Beautiful and sad.

3 Run-Away travel ideas:

One. Pack one suitcase full of weekend clothes. Walk out to your vehicle and drive somewhere outside your 50-mile radius circle. A spot you’ve never been to, and spend the night. Check out the app Hotel Tonight ( Amazing last-minute deals at top-rated hotels ) / or Expedia to find the nicest resort, vintage or unique hotel within driving distance. Pretend you’re a Tourist from out of town and explore with new eyes.

Two. Go on Expedia, Groupon Getaways or Travel Zoo and look for something 30-days away that includes flight resort and all-inclusive and book a four day, three-night runaway weekend in someplace warm, tropical and runaway worthy. You deserve it.

Three. Go camping for the weekend. Spend two nights out in the middle of nowhere, get away from it all and experience the wild. Take yummy food, good books and music.

3 Run-Away books-

I picked three Travel journals that will help you start collecting your memories. Two have just been released and are available in paperback on Amazon, the hard cover editions will be released in April on Amazon and

The book that inspired me to write this article is:

Run Away With Me- Our Travel Log-

A travel journal that will help couples record details of 50 adventures, road-trips & vacations. With prompts and questions (2 pages for each trip), and a master list to record date and location of each of the 50 places. Also includes a travel bucket/wish list to write down your next 50 travel ideas.

Travel Junkie: The History of Me: My Travel Log

– Great for graduation presents, retirement or anyone who is traveling the world, the united states and wants to remember each adventure. Record the history of YOUR Travel Life.

The Adventures of Us - available in hardcover on, and paper back on Travel Quiz, Inspiration travel quotes and ideas to inspire one to create a bucket list.

So, go ahead Run Away today, tomorrow or anytime in your future and take a vacation just for you.

Let’s go somewhere where no one knows your name!

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