Do you want to buy an island? plus 5 Travel Hacks for Fall

Island. Just the whispered word island rolls off my tongue like a magical word. Try it now, whisper island. Are you with me? Well, it may not have the same affect on you as me, but that’s okay because there is a group of like-minded people, starting a crowdfund project that are feelin it. A project for what? (drumroll please) you guessed it, to buy an island. Do I want to buy an island? Heck ya, and if nothing else, I’ll become a citizen, and then maybe I’ll get to go on an island vacation in the future. I’ve been looking at islands for sale for years, never with the intention of buying one, (unless I win the lottery and yes it’s on the very top of the lottery win list) but the crowd fund project hmmm it’s very interesting. Check it out here.

And, with all this talk about islands, maybe it’s time to think about somewhere warm for the beginning of next year. Even if you’re body and your brain are still in shock by the extreme summer heat of Summer 2019, the hottest summer on record, in a few days it’s September and before you can even blink your eyes, winter will be here.

Yes, the best time to secure a hot deal for somewhere warm is when it’s warm. Maybe an exotic island?

5 Travel Hacks for Fall:

  1. Think about where you want to escape to when it’s cold outside. Plan for end of the year now by asking off for vacation days and researching deals.

  2. Subscribe to Travel Zoo and receive upcoming hot travel buys.

  3. Check out Groupon Getaways and promo codes. The best thing about these getaways is usally the deal is for 2 or more folks.

  4. Bid on a Mystery auction on Luxury Link. Save 30 to 50% off luxury properties.

  5. Plan a vacation for after the holiday season. Try working over the holiday and then taking time off after it ends. Best time to book airfare, hotel and rental car for a vacation destination is when the holiday season has ended. Try researching vacations that start after Thanksgiving and before Christmas and after January 5th . Postponing your holiday vacation can save you big money (30to 50%) and avoid the crowds.

One hot island vacation right now is in Jamaica. $599 per person for 4 nights 5 days of food, drinks, and airfare depending on what city you fly out of!!! Good for now until the end of October and November – January is also on sale.

For other insider travel hacks, buy someone you care about the book that has been mentioned in Woman’s World Magazine in 3 articles this year, “Travel Secrets: Insider Guide to Planning, affording and taking more vacations.” Great stocking stuffer (Christmas already? Yikes!). Bundle it with My Travel Bucket List and you have a winning present. Just implementing one of the 99 secrets to save you money and change the way you travel in Chapter 6 will more than pay for the price of the book. And, for Labor Day weekend the eBook is only $0.99!!

Don’t forget, Right now, Labor Day sale of $0.99 for the eBook and $9.99 for the paperback with Prime shipping. Today through Tuesday September 6, 2019.

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