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Turkey Trivia, Holiday Movies and Armchair Shopping

In honor of the 50 million plus turkeys being cooked this year, here are a few known and unknown turkey trivia facts. Also, a few Holiday movies to stream and some ideas for armchair shopping.

Ask these turkey trivia questions to your family and see who is the turkey genius.

  1. How much did the biggest turkey on record weigh?

  2. How many feather does a turkey have?

  3. Are you eating a fryer or a roaster, do you know the difference?

  4. How fast can a turkey fly?

  5. Macy's Day Thanksgiving Day Parade was only cancelled three times since 1924, do you know when?


  1. Biggest turkey on record is 86 pounds... now that's a lot of turkey.

  2. A mature turkey has about 3500 feathers.

  3. A fryer is a young turkey less than 16 weeks old, a roaster- most likely what you are eating- is 5 to 7 months old.

  4. Amazingly a turkey can fly up to 55 miles and hour and run up to 25 miles an hour. Speedy birds.

  5. You can stream this Pandemic style parade all weekend on Peacock, NBC or Youtube. It was only canceled three times during world War II.

Movies to stream while at home with your family.

  1. Have you seen Christmas Chronicles ? It's a salute to the old warm and cozy good holiday movies. If you haven't seen the first one, check it out on Netflix and then get ready to watch the brand new release on Netflix, of Christmas Chronicles II.

  2. Did you happen to catch the film last Christmas, called Last Christmas? See how I did that? It is a fun romantic comedy that will make you feel good. And, if you are having a year like most of the world, it is good to watch things that make you feel good. On Amazon.

  3. Friendsgiving, a comedy of today, with a not so traditional Thanksgiving story, you might laugh and relate.

Armchair shopping and a few gifts you can make at home.

Why not let your creative juices fly and purchase a few of these print at home gifts for under $5. Give old fashioned gifts from the heart. Print and make at home this weekend.

1. Vintage Recipe Cards- How I would love a set of these from my siblings. Write down 5 or 10 of your favorite recipes, and give as gifts, handwritten and tied up with a bow.

2. Santa Claus Letter Kit -A package of Santa letters for the kids, sit down with them and help them write a letter to Santa on this Santa Claus Letter Kit. Shh.. don't tell but also includes a vintage parchment letter from Santa with an official seal and signature.) Spanish version here.

3. 2021 Dogs with Funny hats Wall Calendar.- This is a fun one to print out and tie together with a ribbon or print out and place in a frame. Give as a gift or just print out for yourself. Use an old frame you have and frame the current month. Print out and hang in your kitchen or office.

Other Creative Gift Ideas from shops on Etsy & Amazon:

  1. Doodle Love Shop- for the dog owner, dog lover and doodle fanatics.

  2. Beach Lover Shop- Gifts for those who miss and love the beach. Beach gifts at Christmas are a hit.

  3. Books With Soul Digital shop - Gifts from the heart.

  4. Love Sunday on Amazon - Children's books, Planners, Journals and Unique Notebooks.

  5. Books With Soul Book shop on amazon- Journals and Gift books. Something for everyone.

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